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A look at the horoscope of Prince Andrew in the light of the Newsnight car-crash Gemini · Cancer Horoscope Cancer · Leo Horoscope Leo.
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Yes, I told him. Does this mean he will never forgive me? Good luck with that , born on the 22 of august , i dont handle betrayal very well , in fact i tend to cut of the person like they never existed in my life, but thats just me , and thats not a good thing to be honest. If you really want him back , give your all in convincing him.

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So I am new to all of this. I know my moon is in Taurus, my sun in Leo decan 3 and my rising is Scorpio and my Mars is in Aquarius. My sun is square my moon. Marina I am confused. I am decan 3 Leo but this is not me at all? Yes I am loyal and believe in loyalty.

I am squeamish and hate the sight of blood. I am not a leader and get quite anxious about stepping up into the limelight. I am quietly competitive but would never tread on anyones toes to win. I am not bitchy, am sensitive and prefer being alone.

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I love travelling and live overseas away from all my relatives. I sacrifice my career to enable my children to feel loved and supported. A bit perplexed really by it all. Hi Marina, Can you tell me something good about this sign when the ego is more under the control of the higher self and not the lower?


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I hate thinking of myself this way. Or how, being a loving and faithful person do I integrate this material. I have been like this in the past but mostly unconsciously. How can I use this powerful Mars energy consciously and for the good of all? I love and admire this decan, opposite my Mars. So brave and daring. They really own their sovereignty and I respect that immensely.

Leo 2019 Horoscope by Marina @ Darkstar Astrology

The problem I think these days is we have been taught to be ashamed of these qualities. Her Madge-esty moved to NYC that day. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Search for:. Star position for the year The Divine Right Of Kings The negative side of these Lions is cruelty and vengeance since the malefic Mars pushes an already fiery Leo decan 3 to the very limit.

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You must now strike while the iron is hot and when you are so enthused. You have real momentum building behind you so all you have to do is take the first step and it will snowball after that…. Each opportunity will appear exciting and wonderful.

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Each will be hard to resist but it will not be possible to take them all on board. The wolf was persecuted further. Many of the stars in Sagittarius decan 1 are in the exiled constellation of Ophuichus. What is interesting is that the Caduceus was mistakenly used in the United States to represent the medical profession.

But this is really no accident. Both symbols come together very well here in Sagittarius decan 1 where we find Aesculapius represented in the skies as Ophuichus the medicine man. His name comes from Asklepios, which means to cut open, this brings healing through wounds. These wounds can be literally through surgery or also through psychic surgery. Acupuncture too can be a wound to heal, albeit a microscopic one. It causes immorality, shamelessness and revolution.

As we saw in my main article on Ophuichus, Zeus destroyed Aesculapius with a thunderbolt at the beck of Pluto because he was so successful with bringing the dead back to life. Circinus is the double-ended compass of the draftsman used to draw circles. It is one of the symbols used in Freemasonry. In Greek mythology, Circe daughter of Helios the Sun and Hecate was an enchantress renowned for her knowledge of drugs and herbs, and was skilled in the use of potions, and spells.

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In lower types, however, a tendency to falsehood and treason can be noted. Anyone with this star strong in their horoscope is likely to show a patient and wary approach to any situation… Scorpio is famous for the surgeons born in it and this star shows up just the qualities which they need to have.

The same applies to generals, policemen, private investigators and secret service agents. Sign Up for the Newsletter. General for :. Uranus makes his move into Taurus officially in , going into the grounded earth sign in March. Before he leaves Aries, Mars will be in Aries to kick the year off until mid-February, and the two give some last-minute energy for change, impulse, rebellion, independence, and innovation.

Once Uranus is in Taurus, we can focus on making changes in slow and steady ways, but in ways that will last for the years to come. Jupiter is in his home sign of Sagittarius, Neptune is in his home sign of Pisces, and Saturn is in his home sign of Capricorn, so there's some degree of feeling at home with expansion, responsibility, and spirituality.